Saturday, September 29, 2012

Brady's Mini Vacation

Brady is at the beach this weekend with his Papaw Rick and Grandma Kelly.  He is going to be in my cousins wedding today and I really hope he is going to behave.  This is his first trip without Mom and Dad and the longest he will have ever been away from us.  It is a little bittersweet for me because it is so hard letting him go but at the same time it will give Joe and I a little time just the two of us before the new baby comes. 

He was all ready to go Friday morning and didn't think twice about leaving his Mommy, who I have to admit cried for almost an hour after he left.  I know he is in good hands, but I just hate not seeing him every day.  After his first day he was given a good report and appears to be having lots of fun.  Of course I am getting detailed updates and pictures via facebook, haha!  Here are some sweet pictures of him playing the night before he left.   

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