Saturday, September 24, 2011

Brady's Visit to NC

Since we were coming into town for my reunion Brandy and I got the kids together for dinner Friday night and they had a great time! Aniston sang to us and played Peek a Boo with Brady, it was the sweetest thing! I hope they will always remain friends like their Moms have!

While I headed to my reunion Brady stayed with his Grandpa Rick and Grandma Kelly and his Great Grandmother and Papaw Young. Despite Brady's tummy ache and blow out diapers I think everyone had a good time!

Pisgah Class of 2001, 10 Year Reunion

Last weekend was our 10 year high school reunion. It was held at the Antler Village on the Biltmore Estate, in Asheville, NC. We had dinner, dancing and plenty of memories of the old times. Some would say those days were the best of our lives, but I wouldn't give up the wonderful life I have now for anything in the world. I guess the one thing I can say about the evening is somethings and people never change! I enjoyed seeing my best friends, Brandy and Katie! Since I have moved to SC I just don't get to see these girls near enough! :(

Katie and I before the Reunion

The lovely Underwoods

Brandy, Katie and Me

Me and my Cousin Jody

Some of our Classmates on the Dance Floor

Tasha, Sarah, Me and Jody

The Three Amigos

Tasha, Katie, Brandy and the 2 Amanda's

Some of the Pisgah Class of 2001

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Football is Back

The Hudson household is beyond excited that football is back. Last week was the start of college football and now that the NFL is back we will be watching football, football and more football, haha! Yes we will be watching all day Sunday, Monday night and even some Thursday nights. Of course we will be keeping up with NC State and the Gamecocks as well. Since I participate in a college pick up game through my work, I have to keep up with college too. Between pulling for Joe's Packers, my Falcons, and our fantasy football teams we will be seeing alot of these guys pictured below, plus many others!

Lazy Labor Day Weekend

Last weekend we had a pretty lazy Labor Day weekend. Joe and I did have date night on Saturday and went out to our favorite Japanese restaurant for dinner and did a little shopping at the mall. It is always nice going out to eat without Brady, since I don't have to worry about feeding or entertaining him. This means I can actually enjoy my meal and have a meaningful conversation with the hubby. Brady had a nice evening with his Granny and Papaw. A win win for all! On Sunday we stayed around the house and a had a fun time blowing bubbles outside with Brady. Since the humidity is gone and temperatures have been a little lower (still high 80's) it has been easier to go outside for a little fun. Monday I had to work, I know bummer! But Joe was home and got to spend the day with his boy, which they both enjoyed! Here are a few pics of the boy playing in our backyard.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Video of Brady's First Day at Preschool

Brady's First Week of PreSchool

Brady survived his first week of preschool. The first day Joe and I both went and dropped him off and he cried a little but his teachers said after 20 minutes he was fine. However, when I dropped him off the next day he screamed and cried terribly. I was so worried the whole time that he would be crying when I picked him up, but he wasn't. He was playing when I picked him up and it took him a few minutes to see that I had came in the room. I think once he gets used to it in the next few weeks he will really start to enjoy it. We didn't get but a few pictures and done were really that great, hopefully in a few weeks we can get some better ones!

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