Tuesday, September 11, 2012

36 Week Update

Well we are finally at 36 weeks. I am scheduled to be induced on October 3, if Finley doesn't decide to come earlier on his own. I am a lot more uncomfortable this time around then I was with Brady. Since I have had more pains and contractions my doctor decided to do a pelvic exam and we found out that I am 2cm dilated and 50% effaced, so at least my body is getting somewhat prepared. I was a little excited because I never progressed past 1cm with Brady until after they admitted me to the hospital for induction. Of course that doesn't mean a whole lot, I might not progress any further along on my own. I am up 27 lbs now and really really hope not to gain too much more! :( The baby's heart rate was in the 150's this time and I am actually only measuring about a week ahead. I am scheduled for an ultrasound this Friday to check on Finley's growth and to get a better idea of how much he might weigh.

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