Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter from my Little Peeps

This was the first year that we dyed Easter eggs with Brady. We kept it simple with plain dye and a few stickers. I think his favorite part was seeing the water fizzle and change colors when we dropped the color tabs in. We use something similar when he takes a bath, so he had seen water change colors before. The hardest part was keeping him from touching him while they were drying.

On Friday we dyed the eggs and on Saturday we decided to take them in the backyard and hide them. Brady had found some eggs at school on Thursday, so he was used to the idea. However, when he found each egg he threw it in the basket, cracking each and every one. Oh well, it's not like we planned on keeping them forever. :)

On Easter morning both boys woke up to a surprise left by none other then the Easter Bunny himself. Brady got some new Mickey underpants, some Mickey pajamas, cars and of course candy. Finley got some toys, a new outfit and some pacifier clips. Happy Easter to all our family and friends!!!

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