Saturday, March 16, 2013

Finley is 5 Months!

My sweet, spoiled boy turned 5 months old on March 3rd. I swear he gets cuter every day! He is just the happiest and sweetest baby, as long as you are holding him. He is currently trying to put anything he gets his hands on into his mouth. Not sure if it is early teething or not, Brady was almost a year old before he got his 1st tooth. Finley is always smiling and trying to jump around. He loves to be talked to and sung to. He especially loves when his Big Brother talks and plays with him. He also has learned to like bath time finally. He is still not a fan of cereal, but we started giving him some sweet potatoes this week and they were a hit! He will play in his bouncy seat, jumper, swing and on the floor for short periods at a time.

He is wearing size 6 month clothes and is still in size 2 diapers. We don't go back to the doctor till April, so I will update all of his growth stats then. He usually goes to bed in his crib at 8pm, but usually ends up in the bed with us at some point. On a rare occasion he will sleep all night in his crib. At least it's a start! As far as napping goes, they are short and sweet. He is definitely a cat napper, and prefers to sleep in your arms. Hey, they are only babies once, right?!?! We sure do love snuggling this little guy.

No 5 month sticker pics because this sticker was missing from our pack. i will pick back up with those at 6 months. I did catch some really cute pics of him recently to share.

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