Sunday, March 3, 2013

Busy, Busy, Busy

I have been MIA lately, mainly because we are staying very busy! I accepted a promotion at work which I am very excited about, however, I had to give up my working from home in my pajamas. The opportunity was unexpected, but I felt like it was time for a new challenge. It makes me sad to completely leave my boys for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, but it is nice having more adult interaction and taking on more of a management role in the office. We are very fortunate that Joe's parents will be keeping Finley all day and Brady minus his 3 hours he spends in preschool 4 days a week.

I started my new position 2 weeks ago, and so far so good. I am learning a lot and staying pretty busy, which makes my work day go by fast. Brady started a new preschool and now goes 4 half days instead of 3. He has transitioned well, but really enjoys his Papaw dropping him off at school and coming home to their house afterwards. Finley is doing well too. I take my lunch break and pick Brady up from school and then nurse Finley before I go back to work. This works out best for us, because it is just easier to feed him then pump at work. I do pump once in the afternoon at work, because he takes a bottle in the afternoon. So far it is working out, and hopefully we can keep it up. Once he starts eating baby food, he probably will not need to nurse then. I am just lucky that everything is so close, it makes it easy to keep this schedule at least for now. I am so happy that I can leave my boys and not have to worry about who is taking care of them!

Last weekend, Joe's family came up to visit and they got to meet Finley for the first time.  We tried to get a picture of all the Hudson grandkids and this was the best picture I got after multiple attempts.  Brady was just not cooperative, as usual!  It is not very often that we all get together, the last time was
June of 2011.

Playing with Cousin Reed

I am going to try my best to keep this blog updated better, I am saying this to keep me accountable!!! :)

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