Saturday, July 28, 2012

Brady's Big Boy Bed

We finally decided it was time to move Brady over to his own big boy bed, since his baby brother will be here in 9 weeks or less. Today is also his 2 1/2 year old birthday! I have known for a while that he was ready, but I was just not ready to give up his good sleeping behaviors in his crib or admit that he is no longer my baby. He has been such a good sleeper and has never tried to escape the crib, which has made me hesitant about moving him to his own bed.

Over the past couple of weekends we have painted his new room and today we put the bed rails on, along with his new bedding, and hung his curtains. We still have lots of other things to do before his room is complete, but we wanted to go ahead and start the transition into the bed in case it takes a while for him to adjust to.

So far he has been in his room for 30 minutes and I haven't heard him escape, so I am keeping my fingers crossed that this is a smooth transition for us all. I have to admit it is a little bittersweet to see my baby in a big bed! I will post some more pictures of the room once we get everything moved over and decorated.

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