Saturday, May 12, 2012

Like Father, Like Son

This afternoon Brady spent some time in the backyard with his lawn mower, while his daddy mowed our yard. He was so proud of his lawn mower, that his Grandmother Young got him. He would walk right along with his daddy like he was working too. The funniest part was when Joe would stop to pull up a weed, Brady would stop and do the same exact thing. It was too cute!

We also decided to take our first swim of the season in the neighborhood pool. Since it only got up to about 78 degrees today, the water was quite chilly. I didn't know how Brady would do but he was really excited to be in the water even as he shivered. He just splashed around and wasn't a happy camper when I made him get out after only a few minutes. I think we will do better on a warmer day. Since I took Brady to the pool by myself I don't have any pics to share. I will make sure to get some on our next visit.

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