Thursday, May 24, 2012

Half Way Home

I had my 20 Week anatomy scan on Monday and we got to see our little guy again. He was a little stubborn this time and the ultrasound tech wasn't able to get the best pictures of him. They are going to go ahead and do another ultrasound at my 24 week visit so they can get the measurement of his nose, that they couldn't get this week. Overall everything looked good and he is still a BOY!!! He is measuring right on track at 20 weeks with an approximate weight of 13 oz. Mommy on the other hand has gained 8 lbs so far, but trust me it looks like much more! I can't believe how fast my belly is growing this time, it is unreal! I started feeling the baby move a little around 16 weeks and by 20 weeks Daddy could feel him too! We are just so excited for Brady to have a little brother!

Still a Boy

Skeleton Looking Face

Mommy at 20 Weeks

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