Sunday, April 29, 2012

12 Weeks

I am a little behind on posting my pregnancy updates, so bare with me for a few and we will get caught up to date. I will try to do an update after each month with a picture of my growing belly and info we get from our prenatal visits. My 12 week appointment was on March 29th. They did the Nuchal Translucency screen where they do an ultrasound to measure the babies neck. This measurement can be a marker for Down's Syndrome, but our baby's measurement was perfectly normal. I opted out of any other genetic screenings just like we did with Brady. My appointment was early in the morning so baby was not very active during the ultrasound and had a heartbeat of 150. I have been pretty lucky again to not have any morning sickness but I was really exhausted during all of the first trimester. It was a lot harder to sneak in naps when chasing around a 2 year old! But I did go to bed many nights right after Brady at 8:30pm! I am looking forward to the second trimester and getting my energy back!

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