Tuesday, November 30, 2010


This year we spent Thanksgiving in Georgia with the Galloway's. We headed there on Wednesday evening after work and stayed through the weekend. I was sick last week and unfortunately I gave it to Brady so he was a little sickly on the trip. He seemed to enjoy Thanksgiving day food. I chopped up some turkey and gravy, and gave him mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes. He ate it all right up. That night we drove to Atlanta and spent the night in a hotel so that we could be closer for Black Friday shopping. We went to a bunch of stores and got some of our Christmas shopping done. We even stopped by the Bass Pro Shop and Brady was able to see Santa for the first time. After a long day of shopping we decided we needed a day of rest on Saturday, with a little football and some target practice. I shot my very first rifle, and it was very exciting! We topped off the weekend by attending the Atlanta Falcons and Green Bay Packers game at the Georgia Dome. We had a wonderful but exhausting visit with my parents and look forward to visiting them again soon.

Check out this short video clip I took of Brady's 1st Thanksgiving

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