Sunday, July 28, 2013

9 Month Update

Life has gotten extremely busy here lately with two active boys and two full time working parents. It is hard to imagine that our baby boy is already 9 months old, and actually will be 10 months very soon. We have had a lot of changes around here lately with this little guy. He finally cut a tooth, actually his bottom two came in at the same time. No wonder this little guy has been a little cranky! We are starting to give him more table food. He likes bananas, applesauce, yogurt, oatmeal, carrots, beans, soft bread, sweet potatoes and mashed potatoes. Anytime we have something soft we have started letting him try it. He still gets some baby food and nurses several times a day. He gets one bottle of formula Monday through Friday while I am at work too.

He is so active and crawls all over the place now. He has started interacting with Brady more now and he loves to get Brady's blocks. He has gotten a lot better at sitting up, and he can pull up on all furniture. He loves for you to hold his hands and walk him around. He also loves looking at himself in the mirror and will just smile and laugh.

At his checkup he weighed 17lbs 1.5oz (10th percentile), was 28.25 inches long (50th percentile) and his head circumference was 17.5 inches (25th percentile). He is definitely smaller then his big brother was.

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