Wednesday, June 20, 2012

24 Weeks

I can't believe this pregnancy is flying by so fast. I had my 24 week check up today and baby looks great! He is measuring 1 week ahead and weighing around 1lb 12 oz, which is in the 60th percentile. I guess only time will tell if he will be as big as Big Brother, Brady! I had an ultrasound, but the baby was not so cooperative, so my pictures did not turn out that great. His heart rate was good and strong at 141 bpm. He was in breech presentation with his feet down, but the doctor said they don't really worry until closer to 32 weeks.  Thanks to our vacation, mommy is now up to 14lbs gained.  I sure hope the weight comes off as easy as it did with Brady!     

Brady wanted to be in the pic with Mommy


Ande said...

You look great! And I don't think 14lbs is hardly anything. I'm anxious about the weight will come off too. With my first it was SO EASY. I did not anticipate that, but was so happy and thankful!

The Hudson's said...

Thank you! I feel like I look like I've gained more then 14lbs, oh well! I always seem to dread the scale at my checkups!

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