Sunday, November 6, 2011

Ready for Christmas.........

Brady and I are sooo ready for Christmas. I couldn't talk Joe into putting up the tree before Thanksgiving, but he did give in and let me buy a little tree for Brady's room. So of course we had to come straight home and decorate it. I know he is still a little young, but he loves to look at trees outside and was excited to see all the trees lit up at Wal-Mart. We bought him a small, 2 foot, white tree and bought just a few red decorations, so that he could have an all red and white tree!

I just had to share this adorable picture of Brady right before he woke up from his nap, I know one day he will probably be a little angry with me for posting this, but as a mom I just can't resist. haha!

Ok, so these last pics just make me sad that my little baby is getting so big, so fast! :(

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