Saturday, September 4, 2010

7 Months!!!

Brady is getting so much better at sitting up on his own. We still don't leave him sitting by himself because he occasionally topples over. We don't have a crawler yet, but he can get on all fours now and rock back and forth. He just can't quite figure out how to go forward. We are looking forward to this step, but we haven't gotten the living room baby-proofed yet, so if he decides to wait a little longer we will be happy.

We are now letting Brady sit in the high chair when we go out to eat. He also gets to enjoy some of his baby food while we are eating. We have started him out on the Gerber stage 2 foods now. The texture is just about the same as stage one but the serving size is larger. There are also a lot more foods and mixtures to choose from now. I have really yet to find something that he doesn't like. He doesn't eat the green vegetables as eagerly as he does the rest, but he will eat them. We also let him sit in the buggy with the cover now when we are out shopping. He enjoys being able to see out and watch everything around him.

We don't have another doctor's appointment until 9 months, but we are fairly certain that he is over the 18 lb mark and probably 30 inches long. We are now the on search for a new car seat because he is very rapidly growing out of his infant carrier. I tell him almost everyday that he is growing too fast for mommy!

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