Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Play Time

Brady is really starting to enjoy playing in his jumper. He will stay in there for a while now, especially after he has taken a good nap. He is really learning how to move the toys around and reach for the different ones. He has also started smiling and laughing at the Hero. I am going to try to get some good pictures of them together. Hero shows his affection back by licking Brady's hands and feet.

Since I am working from home permanently now, I decided I needed a babysitter to help me out during the day while I am working. We found a mother and her 16 year old daughter and they take turns coming and staying with Brady. He really seems to like them and enjoys playing with them while mommy is working. I so look forward to getting done with my work so I can play with my sweet boy!
On a side note if any of you bloggers know how to put pictures side by side, I would love to know!!

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