Sunday, May 9, 2010

3 Months Already!!!

It is really hard to believe that our little boy is already 3 months old. It seems like he changes everytime I look at him. We had his 3 month pictures made, by Tracy Daniels, and they were so adorable. Here is a sneak peak of them. I seriously think he must be the cutest baby ever, not that I'm partial or anything, hahaha!!
His neck is getting alot stronger and he is holding his head up very well. He enjoys sitting in his Bumbo chair now, especially while we are eating dinner at the kitchen table. He also enjoys watching his mommy and daddy play bowling on the Wii. I am sure he will be playing as soon as he is able to, and will be just as competitive as his parents.
He is just adorable when he tries to talk, or should I say babble. It's like he has so many stories to tell us, he is just reaching for the words. He will just smile and coo when you talk back to him. He is such a happy boy all the time and we couldn't be more blessed.

1 comment:

Lauren said...

He is such a gorgeous baby...I can't get over his hair!

And don't you just love the Bumbo? It's a mom's best friend :)

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