Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Brady at 37 Weeks

This should be the last ultrasound pictures of our sweet little boy. It was so funny seeing him change his expressions through the ultrasound from smiling to sticking his tongue out to frowning. He definately seems very animated and I can't wait to see more of his expressions. Hopefully we will have real pictures to post of him soon. I had my 37 week appointment on Monday and Brady appears to be in the 83rd percentile, which means we should have a big healthy baby in the near future. If he hasn't arrived by next week I will be induced on Thursday, January 28.


kace said...

oh my goodness! those pics are freakin precious:) he looks ready to see yall

Lauren said...

Avery's birthday is the 28th! I remember how anxious and ready I was those last few days. He will be here before you know it so hang in there....and good luck!

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